Our Family

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A funny thing happened while remodeling the Brushmill. A group of colleagues became friends and then grew into a family. Below is a little information for you to get to know our family.


Jason L’Italien

Raised in San Diego, Jason came to the Northeast to attend Providence College, where he received his bachelor’s degree in history. While attending PC, Jason met his wife and settled in Connecticut after graduating. Jason’s love of fine food and drink was instilled early on from his parents, as it was very common to find them kicking it up a notch while watching classic Food Network star Emeril Lagasse. Jason found his way into the kitchen at a family-owned pizzeria, Bellesario’s, and fell in love with the industry, even when he was up to his elbows in dishes. He has since spent the better part of two decades at the heart of the food industry, operating both corporate and family-owned establishments. He is excited to have the opportunity to share his passion and vision with the community by bringing you The Brushmill By The Waterfall.


Aaron Conley

Aaron is a native of New York City. He fell in love with working in the restaurant industry over 20 years ago. He believes that an ability to place people first, be innovative, and create fun and positive environments has been what has led to having consistently exceptional results throughout his career. He enjoys watching and participating in various sports as well as anything involving his family, especially his two sons!


Joseph Roberto

Chef Joseph Roberto, a Deep River native, has been in the culinary field for more than 13 years.  Following graduation from Lincoln Culinary Institute in 2008, he began his career at Sage in Chester which is now the Brushmill.  “I’m back where I started,” he likes to say!  After working his way from making salads to learning the other stations in the kitchen, he then moved to restaurant L&E.  There he was the Sous Chef working side by side with Chef Everett Reid learning the classic ways of French cooking. While at L&E, he helped open The Good Elephant, taking his knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine and applying it with French techniques.  He eventually took the position of Executive Chef and owned the business before closing in 2017.  Chef Joe then had the opportunity to move to Grano Arso as the Sous Chef working his way up to the position of Chef de Cuisine.  In 2019, alongside Chef Joel Gargano, they were named Best Restaurant in Connecticut by the Connecticut Restaurant Association. Chef Joe brings his knowledge of many cuisines and techniques to the Brushmill by the Waterfall.  He is a firm believer in cooking local and sourcing everything, from produce to proteins, from local farms.  He looks forward to realizing his vision and creating delicious meals for you to enjoy.  We are very excited to have him as a part of the Brushmill family!


Krysta Noonan

Krysta is a native of Connecticut. Her love for restaurants began 7 years ago when working for Darden Restaurants. Initially just a paycheck, a passion developed for creating experiences for guests that they will undoubtedly remember. Over the years of working in various restaurants, she gained copious amounts of knowledge along with experience working with wines, liquor, and cocktails. She is excited to put that knowledge to use in her new role at The Brushmill!

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