There may be a set up fee of $125 if…

a.) there are changes to any of the rooms by adding, removing or moving chairs and tables

b.) there is set up and/or removal by the staff of any items brought by the client

c.) the planning of the event is very detailed and time consuming

The service charge (staff gratuity) is 20% of the food & beverage total.

Brushmill By the Waterfall can accommodate up to 125 guests in separate rooms or 75 guests in adjoining rooms using the entire upstairs of the restaurant.*  The specific set up of the upstairs and downstairs will be based on the needs of the client.  Brushmill By the Waterfall has two separate areas where we can accommodate private groups and a third for non-private functions.  The available times for these rooms will be discussed and agreed upon.  Our rooms are as follows:

The Posh Room

Our Posh room accommodates up to 28 guests. It is located on the first floor and is handicap accessible.  There is an adjacent outdoor patio and views of the waterfall.

The Pattaconk Room

The Pattaconk room is located on the upper level of the restaurant.  This room has views of the Pattaconk brook and covered bridge and accommodates up to 45 guests.

The Main Dining Room (Non Private)

The main dining room is located on the upper level of the restaurant and displays the original belts, pulleys and hardware from the brushworks factory.  This room accommodates up to 40 guests.

*If there are less than 50 guests and the party is contained in only one of our rooms we reserve the right to book another group in another area of the restaurant.

The Minimum Sales For A Private Room, Day or Night Are As Follows:

Friday & Saturday:

$600 for The Main

$1000 for the Posh

$1600 For The Pattaconk

These Minimum Sales exclude tax or gratuities